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Excavator Bearing Seat Forgings


Excavator Bracket Forgings, also called Excavator Bearing Seat, Bearing Seat Ring, Excavator connecting seat ring, it is the key structure parts that connects bottom part of the excavator and top part of the excavator.  The quality of excavator bracket bearing seat will have effect on the quality of an excavator: safety and using life.


There three main manufacture methods to produce Excavator Bearing Seat:

Metal Welding, Casting, and Forging.


As the important of Bearing Seat in the excavator, more and more excavator manufacturer choose excavator bearing seat from seamless rolled forged rings. Forged bearing seat has replace other ways of producing.


Forged Excavator Bearing Seat has below advantages:

1.It could increase the reliability and safety of the excavators.

2.Forged Excavator bearing seat, is better in supporting seat strength, tolerance than casting and welding bearing seat.

3.Normally, forged excavator bearing seat is a finished products, just waiting for welding to make connection on the excavator.


Rongcheng Ring Forgings has long years supporting excavator companies, we offer both roughed seamless rolled rings and finished Excavator bearing Seat, some famous customer like Doosan Excavator.


  • Name: Excavator Bearing Seat Forgings
  • Numbers: MF3005
  • Shelves time: 2013-11-25