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 Rongcheng supports Wind Energy


  From 2013, Rongcheng begin to manufacturing forged rings supporting Wind Energy Industry.

  These forged rings with precious are for Pitch and Yaw inner and outer rings, for 1.5MW, 1.6MW, 2.0MW and 2.5MW

  The raw material with 42CrMo4, outer diameter ranges around 2000mm to 3000mm.

  The 42CrMo4 material is according to the EN10083 standard, after forging process, with correct heat treatment, the forged rings will effectively improved the low temperature impact with suitable mechanical properties for the wind slewing bearing use.

  Rongcheng has professional and experienced inspection people, using labs,  hardness Test, UT and MT ways to guarantee the products are qualified to the customers.

  Beside for China's domestic demands,  most of these seamless rolled rings are for international market, exporting to the machining company in USA and European

  In 2014, until Nov. we have already manufacturing over 3000 pcs of pitch and yaw inner rings, 80% are precious machining, including raceway machining, plugs and pin holes drillings.   









  • Name: Pitch and Yaw bearing rings
  • Numbers: Y-001
  • Shelves time: 2013-04-29