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42CrMo4, C45 forging rings for slewing bearings, 


42CrMo4, C45 are very normal alloy steels for making inner and outer forged rings for slewing rings.

42CrMo4 is the best choice as its high tensile construction after machining.

To meet the technical properties requirement, most of time is hardness requirement, we have our own heat treatment workshops, using Anneled, Normalizing, Quenched, and Tempered as per the needs of the clients, such as slewing ring bearing use, wind turbine pitch and yaw inner and outer rings.


Three production lines: ø1600mm, ø3000mm, ø5000mm ring rolling mills. to let us produce forging rings from small size to big size.


ø1600mm ring rolling mill capacity:  max 30 Tons per day.

ø3000mm, ø5000mm ring rolling mills capacity: over 100 Tons per day.

This ensure us to produce forged rings on time according to customer's delivery time.


With 6 years manufacturing experience,  we have already support lots slewing bearing rings manufacturers, they are from Japan, Korea, USA, and some European companies. The end user are GE, CAT and etc.





  • Name: 42CrMo4,C45 forging rings for slewing rings
  • Numbers: SR1107
  • Shelves time: 2013-10-10