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Supporting Rings For bearing


Hot-rolled rings and bushing / rolled ring manufacturers company 

Our workshops have three ring rolling mills,  everyday these ring rolling mills manufacture seamless hot rolled rings and bushings hundreds of Tons to supporting our customers all over the world.      

The max outside diameter could reach 4,500 mm. radial width of 5,00 mm max.        

In our workshop, the new 7-000 Ton Press has been running for one and half years.

Some of what we could manufacture are belows:


  • Forged shell courses for pressure vessel construction
  • Forged tube sections, run pipes
  • Thrust rings, steel tyres
  • Support rings for bearings
  • Booster segments for the propulsion systems of satellite launchers
  • Shroud rings, seal rings, guide rings, retaining rings and blade carriers for turbines
  • Skirt rings for vessels
  • Bearing shells
  • Gear drive rings and drive bushings
  • Connecting bushings
  • Coupling components
  • Bayonet rings

  • Name: supporting ring for bearing
  • Numbers: SR1114
  • Shelves time: 2014-02-14