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Rough Machined Ring ASTM A694


What could manufacture: seamless rolled forged rings, materials  like ASTM A694,  with tolerance

according to your requirement.

Normally the tolerance would be:  +3/-0mm on  outside diameters,

                                                    -3/ +0mm on   inside  diameters,

                                                   +3/-0mm on  the thickness                                                  


We could also offer final maichined service according to customer's requirement.


When you have enquiry of hot rolled rings, just feel free to send your enquiry to us, we are ready to

Support you.

Contact: Bill Keh

Email:  bill.keh.forging@gmail.com



  • Name: Rough Machined Rings ASTM A694
  • Numbers: SR1061
  • Shelves time: 2013-10-19