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Rolled and forged rings from Huaerdong

Huaerdong has long experience with seamless rolled rings, cylindrical or profiled geometry very close
to the final shape of the finished component.

The bulk of our production is consumed by the slewing ring bearing industry and wind energy industry.

The dimensional range is 400-4,800 mm and the weight range up to 8,000 kg.

Size range

We owned 3 ring rolling milling: 1,600mm ,  2,800mm,  5,000mm,  with 7,000 Tons, 2,500 Tons Hydraulic Press.

These let Huaerdong to offer forged rings, size ranges from 400mm to 4,800mm (Outer Diameter)

We also have good partner factories in this area, with their support we could offer forged rings up to 7,000 mm.

Heat treatment

Rings are supplied in the following conditions or
combinations thereof:
• Normalized.
• Soft annealed.
•Quenched and tempered.
•Controlled cooled.


Semi-finished or finished machined rings canbe supplied according to customer's requirements.


Final inspection

All finished rings are inspected for surface defects, discrepancies in inner and outer diameter, width, height, conicity, ovality and squareness.

  • Name: Rolled and forged rings
  • Numbers: R0032
  • Shelves time: 2013-04-05