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Slewing Ring Bearings Ring Forgings

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Slewing Ring Bearings, also called turnable bearing, slewing bearings.


Slewing ring bearings are containing of Outer roller slewing rings (could be with external teeth), inner roller slewing rings (could be with internal teeth), rolling elements slewing rings (Ball types), seals and etc.


Different types of slewing ring bearings, including single-row slewing ring, three-row column slewing, cross and double-row ball roller and etc.


In china, there are standards for slewing ring bearings: JG/T66-1999, JG/T67-1999, JG/T68-1999 and JB / T2300-1999 or custom slewing ring bearings.


In the recent 30 years, slewing ring bearings are the new type of mechanical components developing quickly, are mainly using for excavators and cranes, now are widely used in other industry for turnable using.


Like normal bearing, slewing ring bearing also have rolling elements and raceways with a rolling rings. However, slewing ring bearing has its own characteristics:


1.       The size of slewing ring bearings is large, diameter is usually form 400mm to 10 meters, some special use slewing ring bearings may be even over 40 meters.

2.       Slewing ring bearings are generally bearing the load from several different directions, not only bearing the axial force, radial force, but also need to bearing greater tipping moment. So, a set of slewing ring bearings play the role of several normal bearings.

3.       The speed of slewing rings is very low, normally at 10 rev / min or less. Some of cases, no continuous rotation slewing, but only rocking bearing.

4.       The material and manufacture process are different.


Rongcheng Ring Forgings manufactures large ring forgings (forged rings) for slewing ring bearings, offer both rough forged rings and precision machining ring forgings, according to customers’ requirement.


These ring forgings for slewing bearing are from seamless rolled forged process. We have three production lines:


1600mm, 3000mm,  5000mm ring roller mills with supporting machines and equipments, let us to offer ring forgings from ø400mm to ø4800mm.


42CrMo4, C45, 1045, 4140, S48C are our main materials used for slewing ring forgings manufacturing for our customers.