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Introduction of Forgings

Writer:SelinaNumber of visits: Date:2013-05-07 13:56

Introduction of Forging


Forging, includes ring-rolling forging, open-die forging, Closed-die forging, drop forging.


Forging is the one of the metalworking process, very oldest. Today’s forging process is advanced long time from blacksmith, now has lots of high technical variants, has lots of advantages when competing casting process.


In some area, there are cold forgings, but lots of area using hot forgings.


Seamless Rolled Ring Forging, Huaerdong Ring Forgings Co.,Ltd’s main products, is processed:

l       Punching a hole in a thick round steel bar, like creating a donut shape.

l       Rolling and Squeezing into a thin ring.

l       Ring diameter is decide by Ring roller machines. (Huaerdong offered outer diameter up to 5,000mm)



l       seamless rolled rings for engineer industry, like slewing rings, large diameter bearing

l       seamless rolled rings for wind engery, for blade bearing, slewing bearing

l       seamless rolled rings for large diameter flanges, like wind turbine tower flange

l       seamless rolled rings for ring gears

l       seamless rolled rings for railway wheels


Regular use material:

l       S355NL+Z25, S355J2+Z25 for wind tower flanges

l       42CrMo4, S48C, CK50, A105, S355J2G2, 16Mn, 50Mn


UT inspection and other mechanical properties test, offer certificate