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What is plastic coating flange?

Writer:technical departmentNumber of visits: Date:2013-11-29 12:57

Some flanges with special-purpose use need special surface-treatment?  In additional to the common painted flanges, there are plastic coating flanges.


Plastic coating flanges with steel body (steel flanges), put coating on the inner and outer walls of flanges with polymer material. These internal and external coating material for flanges are generally using below materials: Polyethylene (PE) for flanges, cross-linked polyethylene(PEX) for flanges, epoxy resin (EP)  for flanges.


Coated flanges have lots of good performance: good corrosion resistance, no exudate and prevent pollution to the media; high strength, good pressure performance, no aging, no embrittlement and etc. With this advantages, these coated flanges is mainly used in harsh environment with long using life, widely used in petrochemical, power, energy, and other acid, salt solution, sewage conveyance industry.