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S48C forged rings for bearing

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S48C Forged Rings For Bearing


Mateiral                              : S48C-SN ,  EF,LF,VD, O2≤20ppm,DI=1.6-2.0

Process                             :  Seamless rolled forged rings

Forging Ratio                   : >4S

Heat treatment                 : Q+T (Quencheed+Tempered)

Hardness                          : ranges from HB 190-HB260, this should follow  customer's technical requirement.

Hardness even degree : within HB 25.

Inspection control          : UT test


This seamless rolled rings (ring forgings) are for bearings and slewing rings companies, most of this companies are from Japan and Korea. We have 5 years supporting S48C forged rings for Japan and Korea companies.

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