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  • Name: Concrete Mixer Truck Roller Ring Forgings
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  • Shelves time: 2013-11-25
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Concrete Mixer Truck Roller Ring Forgings





Why choose Roller Ring Forgings for concrete mixer truck?


There is another way to produce steel track ring using on the concrete mixer truck,  bended square bars and welding to connect into a ring or casting rings. This way of manufacturing is easy, more cheap, popular use in many factories.


However, considering the safety, life time of steel track rings on the concrete mixer truck, more and more companies choose the roller ring forgings to produce steel track rings.


Steel track rings from seamless rolled rings has advantages than from welding process:

1.Forged the raw material (S275JR, St37.2 etc.) into the austenite state, this could eliminate the surface bubbles, prevent center unsoundness, prevent center cracks and other defects. It is because through forging, steel products’ micro structure has been changed, technical properties has been better improved.


2.  when using the right material, normally St37.2 or Q345B material for concrete mixer truck roller ring forgings, the similar material with the mixer, has better strength and better for welding to the body, prevent crack happened.


2.As steel track rings for concrete mixer truck is the key parts, casting or others have less reliability and technical properties performance than forgings. When problems happened, it is not easy to replace the parts of roller rings.


So roller ring forgings for concrete mixer truck are good choice. Rongcheng Ring Forgings are producing ring forgings long years, we are here to support you.

Main Material For Steel Track Rings for Concrete Mixer Truck Ring Forgings:

S275, S355J2G3, St37.2, Q345B,Q345C,Q345D,16Mn etc.